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Token-Display Products

Token display for Banks/OPD/Restaurants/Courts:
Telesoft has developed Token Display with unique feature that it works on just three core wire and that it is using (four /six) seven segment F.N.D.'s

  • TD4: Token display with 4 seven segment Display can be used as 4 digit token no. this can also be used as 1 alpha and 3 numeric character.

Token Display 4         TD 4

  • TD6: Token display with 6 seven segment display is divide in to 2 parts namely left and right. Left 3 digits shows the room no where as the right 3 digits shows token no. this is very useful for OPD in big hospitals, small/large courts.

Token Display 6         TD 6

Token Display With 1 Base Unit & 6 Display Units
Token display with 1 base and 6 displays are very useful for restaurants. In this display Food token numbers are displayed sequencely one by one. Six display set can be repeated for 1 more place where the restaurant size is big for making best use of it.

Multi Counter Queue Management System
Multi counter queue management system is a consist of four base units and four displays for four different counters. Whenever a counter is free, on pressing a button next token number is displayed for that counter. In this way this a full flash multi counter queue management system.

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